About Us

At its core IQPC is a global business to business event company that has embraced the digital age. We are the go to source for online and offline events, information, educations, networking and promotion for executives across an extensive range of industries and professions.

We create a blend of live & digital events that drive corporate innovation.

We give access to practical insights, we embrace external trends and move at speed - These trends are not hard to spot, but they can be difficult for organizations to embrace. We help organizations embrace these trand and ride the tail wind they deliver for innovation.

We are customer obsessed! Helping executives and organizations achieve a lasting impace. We experiement bravely, plant new ideas, protect new concepts, and invest when we see customer success

Our Mission - We believe in sharing global business solutions. We are building events and online communities with the world's leading business experts that inspire corporate innovation

Why Attend?

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Capped Attendance

With a strict capped attendance policy, Exchange events allow senior executives to interact in a smaller and more intimate setting. This allows attendees to foster more personal and lasting relationships, which often leads to mutually beneficial mentoring, benchmarking and business development opportunities

Attendees & Members Include

CISOs and Heads of Cybersecurity 1 Billion + Organizations
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Leading Edge Content

All key themes and session topics are chosen after extensive market research with today's top executives. Exchange content is therefore created by and for a very selective peer group that has been significantly vetted to ensure the discussions and interactions generate a significant ROI.

Networking Opportunities

By attending an Exchagne we'll bring you and your peers face-to-face to discuss your greatest challenges and concerns. The networking gives attendees the opportunity to create meaning full connections based on mutual challenges and industry knowledge. There's nothing like the in-depth discussions with a group of like-minded individuals that only happens throughout our Exchanges

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Discover Creative Solutions

Can't keep up with all the available solutions in the space? Limited vendor participation is curated by our team so that you can experience true peer-to-peer learning and online engagement with today's innovative solution providers. Only the most cutting-edge solutions will be showcased and presented to executives during the solutions-oriented one-to-one business meetings

Personalized Agendas

Listed to industry leaders as they discuss lessons learned and best practices. Attend the keynote sessions, interactive panel discussions, masterclasses, virtual roundtables, and on-to-one business meetings that are most relevant to you and your organization


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